Sanitizable Keyboard with Num- and Touchpad

The AK-C7412F is a high performance hygiene PC-keyboard. The purification and disinfection capacity makes it a perfect fit in hospitals and at practitioners, microbiological laboratories as well as industrial environments. The silicone key membrane protects the key field against ingress of dirt and fluids and enables a thorough wipe disinfection.

The flat key profile and the entirely closed surface is an effective barrier against cross contamination and the spread of bio films. Equipped with the seamless closed Membrane the AK-C7412 corresponds to the requirements of the protection class IP68. “CleanFunction” makes it possible to disable the key field while cleaning (“FN” + “Clean on/off”).

  • Excellent Tactile Key Feel

  • Integrated Num- and Touchpad

  • Fully Sealed IP68

  • 360° Safeguard against Dirt and Water

  • Easy to Clean


Lars Erik Ebbestad
Sales Manager