Eizo CuratOR LX490W

CuratOR LX490W

123 cm (48.5") COLOR LCD MONITOR

This 49" widescreen monitor is ideal for viewing DICOM X-ray images or as a second monitor in surgical environments. Numerous input and output signals, the ability to combine pictures, and factory pre-calibrated gamma models enable usage in a wide range of applications. With its fanless construction and the watertight, easy-to-clean front surface, the monitor is perfectly suited to sterile hospital environments.

• Five factory-set DICOM and Gamma 2.2 lookup tables for optimal medical image reproduction
• Quick adaptation to different environments and procedures
• Numerous video inputs and outputs for increased connectivity
• Flexible image arrangement with "picture in picture" (PiP) and "picture and picture" (PaP) functions
• Fully automated brightness stability through ISS (Integrated Stability System)



Lars Erik Ebbestad
Business Development Manager