Eizo Radiforce LX600W

Radiforce LX600W

153 cm (60.1") COLOR LCD MONITOR

The large 60-inch viewing area enables flexible display of different modality images on one screen without distracting frames between individual pictures. The monitor's redundant components and LED backlight make it ideal for long-term stable and reliable use in the operating room.

  • Environmentally-friendly LED backlight offers a maximum brightness of 520 cd/m².
  • Redundant components architecture for a high degree of operational reliability.
  • Grayscale tones adjusted at the factory to meet DICOM Part 14 standard for optimum viewing of medical DICOM images.
  • 5 user-selectable 11-bit look-up tables enable accurate viewing of any type of medical image.
  • Homogeneous brightness uniformity across the entire screen.



Lars Erik Ebbestad
Business Development Manager